This wiki was set up for the development of the OGP Australian Government National Action Plan (NAP). It will be used for NAP consultations each 2 years and hibernate in between. Please refer to the OGPau website for full information about OGP and the current consultation. Please note, the first Australian Government NAP will be finalised by July 2016 with a multi-staged collaborative consultation approach as defined on the OGPau website.

EDIT 31ST MARCH - Today is the deadline for suggested actions. You are welcome, and we encourage you, to comment on actions suggested on this wiki but submissions are now closed. Any actions suggested as topics for discussion after today will not be considered in the development of this National Action Plan. This cut off date is necessary for us to collate suggestions, brief agencies about your ideas and prepare for the workshop. Those of you who have made a suggestion will receive an invitation to an all day workshop in Canberra on the 11th April to discuss suggested actions with agencies and work with them to co-create commitment templates to be considered for inclusion in the National Action Plan.

5-15 commitments will be developed based on these actions for Australia's first National Action Plan. To find out more about these requirements see:

  • Expand on your ideas to include your thoughts on what successful implementation of the idea would looks like, mechanisms to monitor and track progress, what organisations would be best placed to implement the idea, and your name as a proposer. Stage 3 of the OGPau consultation will include a workshop to really flesh out these details.
  • Discuss the pros, cons and details of your collective ideas.

You will need to create an account and enter the join code "DPJ74T9" which you can also do by clicking this link:

Please create an account to comment on actions on this wiki (to avoid spambots) or you can add comments to the discussion pages here or on the ogpau blog anonymously/pseudonymously. However, if you would like to be contacted about your suggestion you will need to provide an email address. You can also contribute feedback to our team directly through the contact page. Please note, this home page is locked for editing but all pages linked below are open for public contributions.

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The OGPau coordination team at the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet

Current consultation stage content (Stage 2):

Feedback from previous consultation stages (still open to input):

More general feedback on the process and for future reference is collected here: