This page contains the outcomes of the co-creation workshop held on the 11th April in Canberra.

93 individuals and organisations from Civil Society provided 210 suggested actions for consideration at the workshop. During the workshop suggested actions were discussed and grouped at 6 theme based tables into 18 proposals which were then prioritised by participants and turned into 14 commitment templates.

Everyone who provided a suggested action was invited to attend the workshop. Participants included:
36 participants from Civil Society
4 from PM&C including the Deputy Secretary for Innovation and Transformation
15 from Federal Government agencies including: Digital Transformation Office; Department of Finance; National Archives; Department of Industry, Innovation and Science
1 from the Assistant Minister Taylor's Office
The Information Commissioner from NSW
2 from the International Support Unit
2 from State Governments
2 from engage2 to facilitate and manage the process

The outcomes of theme based discussions and commitment templates drafted at the co-creation workshop are attached as photographs and typed up notes. The photos show how suggested actions were grouped into proposals and how sticky dots were used by participants to demonstrate priorities. 13 commitment templates were drafted at the workshop in groups, and a separate discussion about lessons learned and ongoing engagement resulted in a commitment from PM&C to draft a 14th commitment about formal mechanisms for ongoing engagement.

The co-created commitment templates attached include:
  • 2 open data - infrastructure, better open data for the public
  • 5 integrity - contract transparency, anti-corruption, open policy and consultation, whistleblower protection, parliamentary conduct
  • 2 innovation - fostering innovation, opening procurement processes
  • 2 fiscal transparency - EITI, beneficial ownership transparency
  • 1 Access to info - FOI and role of OAIC
  • 2 Public Participation - values to guide P2, new ways to engage
  • 1 ongoing engagement - see notes on How to manage OGP page

The names of those who contributed to discussions to co-create commitment templates are also included in documents - with the exception of the access to information templates that were provided in soft copy after the event by a participant at that table.


Commitment Templates

Workshop Note writeups

Participants from Civil Society - all participants provided consent to share email addresses

Agenda for the workshop