This page is about the management of OGP beyond the development of this plan. We'd like you to share your thoughts about:
1) Lessons learned from this process and suggested improvements for the development of the next OGP NAP in Australia.
2) How Civil Society (you) might / want to work with Government to deliver commitments - this may be general or relate to a specific commitment, milestone or action.
3) What you think the formal mechanism for ongoing engagement between civil society and gov should look like - PM&C have drafted a recommended a commitment to work with you to develop this, but it's on everyone's mind now so let's keep this discussion going
4) Coordinating the delivery of OGP and updates
5) How Civil Society can organise itself / yourselves for engagement about open government, and future NAP's, and how Gov might help.

Attached is a photograph of lessons learned and suggestions already discussed at the workshop on 11th April. We would like to build on this discussion.

A commitment template has been developed to scope Item 3) the formal mechanism for ongoing engagement. PM&C will be briefing the InterDepartment Committee (IDC) about proposed commitments late this week, and Cabinet in the coming month. We'd love to hear your thoughts now so we can consider them in our advice / briefing. The input you provide now, will help us to explore resourcing requirements / opportunities alongside the draft plan.
This discussion will also continue beyond the development of this National Action Plan. In the meantime we will use this wiki to capture your input.

Please also refer to the ongoing engagement for OGP theme page of this wiki:
OGPAU co-creation Lessons Learned.jpg