Below is a basic skeleton for an Australian Government National Action Plan for Stage 1 of the OGPau consultation. This is a short stage of the consultation to get the framework right for the ongoing drafting. This wiki will then be set up to reflect the skeleton document for input and contributions. The OGP National Action Plan template is available le online and a useful guide, but countries are encouraged to use it only as a guide. All NAPs we have reviewed are not identical in structure to the template.

  1. Introduction - an overview of the Australian Government's commitment, the grand challenges addressed in the NAP (improved public services and more effectively managing public resources)
  2. Vision - the vision for open government in Australia, looking forward
  3. NAP Development Process - the process of developing the Australian Government National Action Plan
  4. Open Government Efforts to Date - background of open government in Australia
  5. Overview of commitments - an overview of the commitments, then broken down into individual detail. Each commitment will need to identify which grand challenge they support, and which principles they support (see NAP page on ogpau website for detail)
  6. Conclusion - wrapup of the NAP and how the commitments will be supported

Comments welcome below or direct contributions above.